Quest with Cathay New Century

This weekend, we volunteered at QUEST from 10:30am to 1pm.  The service project was organized by Cathay New Century Lions Club, and there were 9 of us helping out.  We packaged a lot of salmon into bags along with around 10,000 veggie burger patties.  There was a constant shortage of plastic bags but luckily, a few of our members were readying the plastic bags for the rest of us to package the food.

We created a very streamlined process for the packaging of the food.  There were two stations; one station for creating the plastic bags and the other for packaging the food.

At the packaging station, there were about 6 of us including Lap, Edith, Blanche, Karen, Biston, and myself.  At the bagging station, there were about 3 of us including Kittie, Alvina, and Bonnie.



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