Membership Satisfaction Guide: Step 2 – V. Addressing Service

V. Addressing Service

Remember that every Lion joined your club because they were interested in providing service. This is the common bond for your members.

The most typically cited responses related to service were:

  • Not enough focus on helping the local community
  • Club did not provide the types of services that interested me
  • Not enough opportunities to serve the community
  • Too much focus on fundraising

Make sure your club’s goals/objectives are clearly defined and communicated. Your members need to know what kind of service your club does.

  • Regularly check with your club to see what sort of service they want to provide. Are your projects tailored to the interests and abilities of today’s club members? Is your current service what your members want to do?
  • Why does your club do the same projects every year? Is it “what we do” or is the club excited to do them?
  • Can you make minor changes to existing service projects to meet your club’s needs?
  • Could your club’s projects keep the same focus but be better tailored to your community’s needs?
  • Consider the scale of your service projects. Do you have one large annual service event or several smaller events? Which is better for your club? Which is better for your community?
  • Think about new projects. Consider a joint project with other groups who share the same objectives.

Your club can create a new service project oriented to a particular interest or community event.

  • Consider an Adopted Service Program or Global Service Action Campaign. These programs have already been successful somewhere in the world.

Look at some new options for service projects. If your club has not completed a Community Needs Assessment, this is a good place to start. This will help you identify the areas of need in your community. LCI has many resources and ideas for service projects that could reenergize your club! Go to the LCI website and review the resources available for planning projects.

Complete Service Activity Reports for all your club’s activities and service projects as a record of what was done and a way for your club to track all of the services you provide to the community.




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