Membership Satisfaction Guide: Step 2 – Resistance


When addressing issues by making changes to your club, you are likely to encounter resistance. To minimize it, use the Why-What-When-How process to implement changes:

  • Why – Clearly explain the reasons for the proposed changes
  • What – Explain what your members can expect to see happen.
  • When – Have a definite starting point for the changes.
  • How – Outline what you expect the result of the changes to be.

Once the process has begun:

  • Encourage your members to give feedback on the changes – and respond to it.
  • Consider tweaking new programs if they do not provide the expected results, based on a realistic timeline

Make sure your club leaders set a good example by accepting and embracing the changes. Make sure everyone is on the same page and build team spirit – you are all heading to the same place!



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