Membership Satisfaction Guide: Step 1 – Define Member Satisfaction For Your Club



The first step to ensuring your members have a positive experience is to know what they want from membership in your Lions club. Understanding what your members think about being a Lion will help you direct your efforts. Making changes based on your club members’ needs and desires is the key to a good experience for them.

You should also decide how your club will measure member satisfaction. Is it more new members who stay for longer than one year? Is it fewer members leaving the club? Is it more members participating in club events and service?

  • Members feel involved when you ask for their opinions. Ask your members: Why is the club here? Do our activities demonstrate this? If a non-Lion looked at one year of our club activities, what would they think was important to our club? Remember to check regularly to see if your members’ responses change.
    • This guide has a sample Member Questionnaire form you can customize and use to collect responses from your club.
  • Assess why your members have left in the past. Consider contacting former members of your club to find out why they left. A sample Former Member Questionnaire form is also included in this guide.
  • Carefully consider whether your club’s stated objectives, goals and mission statement reflect what your current members want your club to be.



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