Membership Satisfaction Guide: Introduction

How to keep members happy and coming back


To ensure your Lions club remains healthy and vital, you need to consider the experience and expectations of belonging to your club. If you went to a restaurant and it did not meet your expectations, would you go back? The same goes for a Lions club!

Along with welcoming your new members, it is important to make sure they begin participating in club activities right away. If your club members feel welcome, comfortable and are involved in community service, they will remain part of your club for a long time.

Research shows that people become Lions for many reasons. The most common are:

• To serve their community
• To be involved with a specific service or cause
• To be with friends
• To become a leader in the community
• To be with other family members who are Lions

How can your club provide the experiences your members are seeking?

Keeping your club efficient, productive and meaningful to your members results in many benefits:

• A club that is vital and a respected part of your community.
• The ability to provide service locally and globally.
• The ability to offer personal and professional growth opportunities to your members.
• A club that provides enjoyable fellowship.

Does your club feel unified, or is it just a collection of individual Lions?

Be sure your club has a club mission statement, objectives and defined goals. Communicate these to your members clearly and openly.

• LCI’s Leadership Development webpage offers online club officer orientation, and the Lions Learning Center offers a goal setting course to help with this process.

If a club is not thriving, it cannot serve.





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