Membership Satisfaction Guide: Step 2 – II. Addressing Personal Reasons

 II. Addressing Personal Reasons

When a Lion leaves for personal reasons, something in their lives has changed and their Lions membership became a lower priority in their lives.

Your members’ lives change. Does your club adapt to the needs of its members? Not every change can be accommodated, but some may only require small adjustments to keep your members a part of your club.

The two most common responses in this category are:

  • Being a member required too much of a time commitment.
  • The dues were too expensive.

Time commitment:

If members don’t enjoy being a Lion, they will see it as just another obligation. Here are some issues to consider:

  • Is the time your club asks for used well? After a 1.5 hour meeting, do your members feel they could have done the same things in 45 minutes?
  • Is the perfect attendance requirement necessary, especially if your club has an active, updated website and other social networking sites? Or can it be eliminated to add flexibility to your members’ schedules?
  • Are your meeting times convenient for most of your members? Consider holding meetings at alternating times – one meeting in the evening and the next at lunch.
  • Is your meeting location central and easily accessible, or does it add a significant amount of time for your members to travel to and from the meeting site?
  • Think about creating a club branch that meets at a different time but otherwise participates with your parent club on projects and fundraisers, or maybe a cyber club branch or committee that meets online but actively participates in your events.
  • Start or promote family programs like a Cub club if child care is an issue for your members? Maybe an Alpha Leo club if teen issues are distracting parents?
  • Does your club allow members to participate in selected activities, or is participation in every club activity required?
  • Does your club respect the time your member has to volunteer?

Addressing Expense:

Money is an issue for most people. Do the dues seem too expensive because your members feel they do not get value for the money they spend, or is the amount simply more money than they can budget in their circumstances? Consider the following:

  • Look carefully at your club’s dues. Might more members stay with the club if it was less expensive? Could that offset a reduction in club dues?
  • Would costs decline if you eliminated a full meal at every meeting? Maybe have meals only at designated meetings or have refreshments instead of a meal, or consider an optional meal after the meeting concludes.
  • Could a different meeting place cut costs?
  • Think about shifting the cost of some club activities from fully sponsored by the club to a fee for participation or to partially sponsored by the club.
  • Inform your members about appropriate LCI programs that can decrease the cost of being a Lion. Student, Leo to Lion or Family Membership programs can all reduce international dues for qualified Lions. Consider a reduced dues program at the club level as well.
  • Could a Cub club program eliminate child care costs for members while they attend meetings or events?




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