District Governor Simon Yau

Dear Fellow District 19A Lions,


On June 29, 2016, I was installed in Fukuoka, Japan, by International President Chancellor Bob Corlew as 19A District Governor 2016-2017. I am humbled and grateful for all your support and the opportunity to serve our district in this coming year.

I send greetings from our International President Chancellor Bob Corlew; his theme is New Mountains to Climb. He emphasizes each mountain represents a new challenge, a new opportunity, as our world continues to change, each of us faces new challenges. Lions must continue to climb upward, finding new ways to serve. Every mountain represents a new opportunity for Lions, and scaling each mountain provides each of us a chance to make the world better for another person.  Melvin Jones, our Founder, climbed the first mountain in 1917. I am confident with our Passion to Excel, together we can climb the new mountains.

As we commence a year of celebrating 100 years of community service, we must mark our trail for future generations of Lions who follow, and preserve our tradition of service.

Yours in Service and Fellowship


Simon Yau 
District Governor 19A
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